Audition for our next play!

We have booked our spring play 2023
Auditions will be on Wednesday Jan 11 and Sunday Jan 15 at 7:30pm at the Northwind Centre.
Our Rehearsals will start in February starting every Sunday and Wednesday.
Read through Wednesday Feb 1st.
Our Production dates are April 30-May 6.
Saturday April 29 all day Cue to cue and setup dress rehearsal.
April 30 2:00 matinee
May 2-5 7:30 shows
May 6 2:00 Matinee
Strike May 6-7

– 5 females, 5 males of varying ages
Mildred – Late fifties. Moderately wealthy owner of Bagshot House.
Dorothy – Mildred’s niece. Late twenties and rather plain.
Bunting – The butler. Sixties. Pedantic and rather creepy.
Colonel Charles Craddock – Early sixties. Dresses in tweeds. Confident but blustering.
Margaret Craddock – fifties – sixties. The long-suffering but acerbic wife of Charles.
Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington – Mid twenties. Attractive and stunningly dressed. Very high society.
Pierre Marceau – A French art dealer in his early thirties. An exaggerated French accent.
Joan Maple – A spinster in her sixties. Amateur sleuth.
Constable Thomkins – Any age. Young, bright uniformed village policeman.
Inspector Pratt – Any age. Inept, posing and clumsy.



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