Members Meeting and Read Through

Members Meeting and Read Through

Come join us for the Annual Members Meeting (AMM) taking place on Sunday, December 9th 2018 at 1:00pm at the Community Centre (Northwinds Wireless Fibe Centre) 2nd floor.

At 1:00 pm we will hold a read of our spring play Bedtime Stories. A light snack will be provided. Following this members will have an opportunity to pay their membership fees prior to the AMM. Once we are setup the meeting will start. Below are the positions up for election:

Secretary: Open (2 year term)**
Treasurer: Open (2 year term)**
Technical: Open (2 year term)
Membership and Training: Open (2 year term)**
Box Office: Open (2 year term)
Members at Large:
Member At Large / Sponsorship (2 year term)
Member At Large / Web support (2 year term)

If you are interested in running for one of these positions please email Carolyn Walsh
We are looking for two volunteers who will NOT be running for a position to help with setup, organize and count ballots.
You also have the option of paying your membership dues on line or at the meeting for next year.

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