18 Oct 2015
October 18, 2015

Fall 2015 Newsletter


octoberIt’s mid October, and Rural Root is busy preparing for our Fall show. Normally, we would have been starting our run in mid October, but because we have chosen a Christmas theme this fall, we have pushed the run into late November. This is a first for Rural Root, but we think you will enjoy the show. It has lots of humour, lost of quirky characters, and, of course, Santa. This show is family friendly, with lots of young actors participating. Make sure you don’t miss it!

This is also the first show that we will be producing in the newly expanded community centre. Rural Root has been a huge supporter of Project Sandhills, and the facility has really come together over the summer. A new library and fitness centre are the highlights of the new extension, and worth checking out. We are looking forward to the next phase of renovations which will bring the old section of the building in line with the new extension. Rural Root will continue to work closely with the community centre board to move this project along.

We have lots of activities coming up in the next few months, such as Santa Parades, participating in Markets, training seminars, and much more. Come on out and volunteer and get involved, we always have lots of fun!

Ivo Mokros, RRTC Board President

What does your RRTC Board Actually do?

As a member of Rural Root Theatre, do you ever ask yourself, “Just how does the board spend our hard earned money?” To answer that question here’s an outline of what we’ve been up to over the summer months and early fall.

  1. In July, Martin Weeden organized a work party and they went to work “mouse proofing” our storage shed. Metal sheeting was placed around the base and all holes were filled. They purged the shed of unsuitable stock—old set pieces such as a bookcase which was now a mouse condo. Hooks went onto the walls and much of the stuff, such as chairs, is now hanging up out of the way. At this point one can actually walk into the shed and everything is orderly and clearly arranged. It would be great if we can keep it this way for future shows. All set pieces and building materials are archived via photos. Should you want to see what we have in our collection, please email tech@ruralroot.org.  All of the costs for this project were covered by our sponsor, Deka Building Centre.
  2. Did you wander upstairs at the Community Centre and notice the drapes were gone from the stage? Well, we are now in the process of getting those stage drapes treated with fire retardant. For safety reasons, this needs to be re-done every 5 years. As Kanata Theatre is currently having theirs done, we have piggy-backed on them, and have taken our drapes into KT for treatment.
  3. Did you order a new RRTC golf shirt? About 25 members did, and the cost of those shirts was subsidized by the board.
  4. For the Community Centre Opening Gala Event in early September, the board purchased a table (as a $350 donation towards the CBBCA addition fundraising).
  5. To extend the playing space of the stage at the CBBCA centre, RRTC and the CBBCA collaborated in purchasing some new folding stages.
  6. In connection to last year’s creation and adoption of a new logo for RRTC, we have committed to purchasing two new vinyl banners. These banners will be used at all promotional events (e.g., Carp and Constance Bay Markets) and during the run of all shows.
  7. At some point in the past months the RRTC gazebo ‘disappeared’. Since the gazebo has been very useful at various events, the board purchased a new one.

So, now you know. Your board meets regularly and makes many decisions, some of which involve expenses, but many of which are carefully planned to maximize cost savings and to use volunteer talent in our community. In the end, the changes, expenses, and modifications all add to the overall improvement and professionalism of our group.

– Submitted by Helen Weeden

The First Annual Boughs of Holly Country Club Christmas

elvesSince early September, rehearsals for The First Annual Boughs of Holly Country Club Christmas have been underway. The team gets together twice a week allowing the actors to develop their characters, establish some good identities and interactions. Rehearsals are divided so that the children warm up and rehearse the first hour, with the rest of the cast rehearsing the next couple of hours. Things are moving along well – you won’t want to miss this fabulous family show.

The Box Office for The First Annual Boughs of Holly Christmas Club will open November 1, so be sure to book your tickets soon. Performances are scheduled for evenings running November 24-28, with an extra matinee performance on the Saturday. For more information, check out the show page.

Upcoming Play Readings

Would you like to help to select our next play?  With so many plays to choose from, we’d appreciate your input!

We’ve already held a few readings, and have more planned in the coming weeks. If you would like to participate or host a future reading, please contact Kellie at plays@ruralroot.org. Hope to see you there!

Play Readings in October

We have two play readings coming up in October.  If you’ve never been and don’t know what to expect, don’t be shy! Participants choose a role to read, and we read the entire play together, then provide feeback. It’s a relaxing, enjoyable evening, and we’d love to see you there!

Both readings will be held at 7 pm at Kellie Shrimpton’s house, 127 Shirreff St. Fitzroy Harbour.

Thursday, October 8th: The Pill (Ibuprofen) by James A. Munro

Now in his seventies, Freddy lives alone and does not want to meet another woman! Elizabeth, Freddy’s fifty-year-old daughter, is at ease controlling the lives of her loved ones, especially her father. Dolly tells everyone about her career as an actress in the fifties soap ‘Another Day.’ Since then, her life has centered around her son, Stanley, who has never married because he’s never found a woman good enough for his mother. He instantly falls for Elizabeth and instantly runs into problems when Elizabeth meets Mother Superior. When matchmakers Elizabeth and Stanley arrange a blind date for their parents, they all rediscover love from a slightly older, slightly more hilarious perspective! The audience is cast as the new neighbor and spontaneously interacts with the cast, if so inclined.

Tuesday, October 20th:  Spirit! by Peg Kehret

The Happy Hollow Rest Home brings together a variety of delightful characters, all of whom want more from life than their restricted existence allows. When 83 year-old Clara begins taking hula lessons, holding seances and sending out for pepperoni pizza, the other residents are overjoyed… and the manager is dismayed. Simply set in Clara’s room, the play adroitly combines with wisdom as a young aide, a lawyer and a policeman join forces to ensure that Happy Hollow’s group spirit is allowed to grow. From the hilarious poker party to the touching final scene, this play offers charm, insight and heart-warming humour.

Rural Root Dragon boat Fun

Late in July, during Bay Days, several Rural Root members got together for a day of fun at the Constance Bay Beach. We learned how to dragon boat in the morning, and then the competition began. The team worked hard to paddle in synch, and even without a drummer, we managed to finish somewhat respectably, and have lots of fun! Be sure to join in next year when the event runs again.
dragon1 dragon2 dragon3 dragon4

Looking to improve your acting skills?

Consider purchasing and reading An Actor’s Companion by Seth Barrish and your acting skills are sure to improve. It is available online here for $15.95.

Christmas Floats – Constance Bay and Carp Parades

Parade00014Did you participate in last year’s Christmas float at either or both Constance Bay and Carp? We need you to come out again this year. We will be preparing the float after the run of First Annual boughs of Holly Christmas Show to take advantage of some of the set pieces and costumes from this fall’s production. In the meantime, save the date for this year’s parades on Saturday, December 5 and again Saturday, December 12. Contact Pat Weir (bod@ruralroot.org) if you are interested. More details will be available on our Facebook page as the date approaches.

Annual General Meeting – Dec. 6 or 13 (TBD)

Make sure to save the date for this year’s AGM: Dec. 6 or 13. Come on out to vote and get involved with the organization. If your membership has lapsed you can go online HERE to renew or renew at the door on the Sunday afternoon. More details will be available on our Facebook page as the date approaches.

EODL One Act Play Festival

canada-150As announced last spring, RRTC is pleased to be hosting the EODL (Eastern Ontario Drama League) One Act Play Festival in November 2017.

We are looking to establish sub-committee chairs for the organizing committee already now, to make the planning easier. If you are interested in participating on this committee you will find a list of sub-committee chair persons required (complete with a short description of associated duties) on the RRTC website or contact the Chair, Lee Powell at festival@ruralroot.org.

  1. Program – to collect material and print the festival program
  2. Adjudicator – to coordinate accommodation and activities of the adjudicator
  3. Hospitality – to coordinate hospitality for VIPs and coordinate social functions

Feedback or ideas?

Send us a note at bod@ruralroot.org. We’d love to hear from you.