13 Nov 2014
November 13, 2014

November Newsletter


A giant thanks to all our volunteers and members for making our 10th anniversary celebrations such a success! We had a packed evening for our opening night of Ladies of Harmony with many of our sponsors coming to the champagne reception before the show, and many members took part as well. We also had a very successful and fun night at the Masquerade Ball at the Eagle Creek Golf Club. The Keystrings kept us all entertained, with a wonderful musical performance. It has certainly been a fun autumn! As we head into the end of our season, it’s time for our AGM and elections for the board of directors. We are proposing a slight change to the RRTC constitution to address issues of continuity of the board. Read on for further information.
Ivo Mokros, RRTC Board President

December 7th AGM

Attention all members and friends of Rural Root:

Mark your calendars! Our Annual General meeting and Board of Directors election takes place on Sunday, December 7 from 2:30 to 5:30 pm at the Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Centre. Please join us for an afternoon of catching up with friends, hearing about our activities over the past year, and voting in our new Board. We will be collecting membership dues during registration from 2:30 to 3 pm. The meeting officially begins at 3. See you there!

The RRTC is calling for nominations for all Board of Directors positions. If you are interested in taking on a leadership role and shaping community theatre in West Carleton, please consider submitting your nomination. The positions are:

Box Office Director
Technical Director
Artistic Director
Publicity Director
Membership Director
Director at Large

If you are interested in running for a position, or you have questions, please email Charlene Gardner at cmgardner100@gmail.com. Your nomination must be submitted no later than Wednesday, December 3. The vote will take place at our Annual General Meeting.

Constitution Change Related to Elections

The board has been discussion a potential risk to RRTC related to elections. What if every board director elected is a new person? How do we maintain continuity? Currently, each director is elected to a 2 year term. We propose to continue that, but have the term for half the board expire in odd years, and the other half in even years. Since this is a constitutional change, it has to brought to a vote. We will have the vote on this proposal at the AGM. Specifically, the change is:

6. Election of Directors shall take place at the Annual Members’ Meeting to be held at the end of each membership year.

Add on to read:
Directors will be elected to a two year term with the positions of President, Play Selection, Publicity and Director at large elected on odd years and Secretary, Treasurer, Box Office, Membership & Training and Technical on even years.

Note: For 2015 Secretary, Treasurer, Box Office, Membership & Training and Technical will be elected to an initial one year term.

Purpose: To maintain continuity of knowledge on the executive each year.

A Note from the Founders

To the Rural Root Membership,

Martin and Helen would like to thank the RRTC membership for their kind acknowledgement of our 10 years of contributions that have led to the success of RRTC. To be honoured at the Gala was very special for us.

We will admit that it was quite hard work in the early days of our group to get things done but with everyone’s support and genuine enthusiasm we have now grown to a well respected local theatre company that has a solid reputation of producing quality.entertainment right here at home in West Carleton.Thank you, thank you.

– Helen and Martin Weeden

Rural Root’s New Logo

rrtc-wide-250The new Rural Root logo, developed in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of our theatre company’s existence, was revealed at the Anniversary Masquerade Ball. It was well received with some of the comments including, “I like the modernized image,” “It looks so clean and fresh!” “What a terrific update.” We have already incorporated the renewed image as part of our online presence, and it will be used on shirts, posters, applications, and other swag in the future. For further information on how the logo was developed, see the logo page.

Ladies of Harmony – Successful Run!

Cast and crew photo for November Newsletter

Cast and Crew of “Ladies of Harmony”

Ladies of Harmony enjoyed a successful run late in October. On opening night, guests were treated to a special champagne reception before the performance, with hors d’oeuvres supplied by Sandee’s Country Kitchen. Given the highly disturbing events that happened on the Hill early on October 22, we suspended the performance for that evening. Patrons were re-booked to attend performances on the remaining evenings. Overall, the cast, crew, and audiences enjoyed the humourous portrayal of a group of women caught in being overly honest.

Seeking a Director for Spring 2015

Are you interested in trying a new role in the world of theatre? How about being a director? Currently, Rural Root is accepting proposal submissions for directing our spring play, That Darn Plot. David Belke, a Canadian playwright, authored this hilarious and heartfelt comedy about playwriting, rehearsals, rewriting and rehabilitating reality, providing a sympathetic look at a creative writer who is unable to connect with the people around him, including his only child. Please outline your vision in a proposal and submit it to bod@ruralroot.org by November 30, 2014.

Synopsis: Mark W. Transom, one of Canada’s greatest playwrights, is at the end of his rope. In order to fulfill his contract to artistic director and old friend Jo Harber, he has to create a play in one night or lose everything. Half asleep and half drunk, Transom starts putting theatrical personalities he knows into a simple comedy about putting on a play. As the characters come to life before his eyes, the play seems to be progressing well until, unbidden and without warning, Transom’s son Lloyd appears as a character and the play takes on a life of its own. As the playwright struggles to maintain the upper hand, the out of control writing process brings him closer and closer to the heart of his estrangement with his son.

10th Anniversary Masquerade Ball – Fabulous Evening

Attendance at the 10th Anniversary Masquerade Ball was tremendous – approximately 60 current and past members made it out for an evening of fun, celebration, and awards. The Keystrings provided danceable music until late into the evening. Catering included delicious platters prepared by the Eagle Creek Golf Club. Pat Weir and Lois Thompson created some beautiful memorabilia arrangements, there were awards for completing the challenges and best costumes, and many attendees had their picture taken under the 10th Anniversary sign. If you haven’t already seen some of the wonderful disguises and costumes, go view them on the Rural Root Facebook group – if you have some to share with our archives, please email them in to bod@ruralroot.org.

Feedback or ideas?

Send us a note at bod@ruralroot.org. We’d love to hear from you.