Summer 2018 – Carp Capers

Run dates August 23, 24 and 25 at Carp Fairgrounds.

Rehearsals will be determined by individual Directors. One Rehearsal per week will be held at the Community Centre in Constance Bay. All other rehearsals will be scheduled by Directors of each play.

One of these plays will be selected for the Eastern Ontario Drama League (EODL) One Act Play Festival being held in Kingston this year. All cast must be available to attend the festival on November 2 to 4.

The Plays

Blind Woman’s Bluff

by Janet S. Tiger
Directed by Ian Glen

This clever, award-winning tale has it all:  suspense, comic dialogue, stage action and a satisfying and hilarious surprise ending!  A young thief arrives at the home of a blind woman who lives on an isolated bluff, ostensibly answering an ad about a chair for sale.  Since the ad mentioned the woman was blind and lived alone, John plans on pulling off an easy heist.  But while he’s there, Myra strikes up friendly conversation, cracks jokes and treats him like her own son.  John starts to feel guilty about his plan to rob the lady blind.  But when the old woman brings out a jar full of cash, asking if he’d like to donate to the charity organization for the blind, he can’t resist helping himself to the wad of cash the next chance he gets.  But wait!  Myra’s not the vulnerable victim John thinks she is.  Find out for yourself how a shrewd old woman pulls the wool over the eyes of a wolf in sheep’s clothing in this exceptional comedy with two outstanding, well-developed character roles.


Character Descriptiuon
Myra Bristol Late 60’s, blind
John Early 20’s. Thief, but not a bad guy.


Safe At Home

by Dan Morra

Directed by Ric O’Dell

When it comes to mid-life, there is nothing humorous about encountering a slump in the bedroom or on the ball field.  But when a husband and wife show up at the wrong counselor to address the “strike outs”, the hilarity begins.  Encouraged by his friend, Herb, to seek professional help for his bat swing, Bill quickly heads out for a last minute appointment with a trainer brushing off his wife, Martha, who wanted to talk about their “personal” issues.  Herb’s wife, Helen, drops in and mistakenly tells Martha that the appointment is with a doctor to address those issues and convinces her to join Bill for the appointment”—after all, how does sex counseling work if only half of the team shows up?  There is a doctor, in a temporary unmarked office across the hall from the trainer’s office and guess who ends up in the wrong one?  If you answered both, you’ll laugh out loud when you watch what happens behind those closed doors!


Bill Matheson –  typical middle-aged husband; likable; once a good athlete, he has retained a fairly athletic build and his competitive spirit; loving in a quiet sort of way; presently more concerned about his softball performance than that in the bedroom

Martha Matheson – somewhat provincial middle-aged wife; concerned about her love life but hesitant to take concrete steps without being pushed; able to be inspired if appropriately approached

Dr. Wright – serious English professional who is easily flustered by the unexpected and happiest when in control of the situation and setting; competent; not a sports fan; unwilling to force clients into expressing themselves in clinical vernacular

Joe White – former trainer for a major league baseball team; has a happy-go-lucky, seat of the pants approach to life

Helen – slightly younger neighbor; self-confident and full of vitality; concerned and willing to act immediately; more assertive than her husband   Charlie – nondescript maintenance man; generally unflappable; reassuring and competent

Herb (Voice Over) – Bill’s best buddy and teammate; good husband and provider but does not heed everything his wife says

Charlie – nondescript maintenance man; generally unflappable; reassuring and competent

Falling Apart

by Peter Harrison

Directed by Cathy Dowsett

Upon leaving their solicitor’s office having arranged their divorce settlement Amanda and Andrew find themselves trapped between floors in the lift. The recriminations around their marital problems continue until the arrival of the lift attendant who manages not only to repair the lift but also their marriage, even though he is not all that he seems.




Lift Attendant-voice off stage

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EODL One Act Play Festival

One of these plays will be selected for the Eastern Ontario Drama League (EODL) One Act Play Festival being held in Kingston this year.  You must be willing to attend the festival from November 9th to the 11th. For further information about the festival, visit the EODL Festival Page.