Fall 2006 – Silver Dagger

Silver Dagger

by David French
Directed by Valerie Jorgensen

silver_dagger_posterAfter what seemed a successful year at the Kinburn Client Service Centre the heavy burden of officialdom was brought to bear on the company’s plans, and so RRTC had to find another venue. We had a warm welcome from the Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Centre, where Silver Dagger was staged in October 2006 and all productions since then. In Silver Dagger a successful crime writer, Steve, discovers that his real life is becoming uncomfortably close to the plot of one of his novels. Is he artful enough to disentangle himself from this morass of his own making – an imbroglio of blackmail, adultery and murder? The audience is presented with an evening of elaborate deceptions and hair-pin turns, which delight and keep them guessing.


Role Played by
Steve Marsh William Horsman
Pam Marsh Rita Hanes
Gemma Lisa Kopil
Jane Susan Gauthier
Chris Gina Freitag
Tony Adam Groslouis