Fall 2007 – Cheatin’ Hearts

Cheatin’ Hearts

by Paul Ledoux and David Smyth
Directed by Martin Weeden
Musical Director David Scribailo

ch-guitar“Cheatin’ Hearts” was RRTC’s first musical production and involved a very talented on-stage band assembled especially for the show. The action takes place in Sandhills Saloon (the original name of Constance Bay being Sandhills). A Country & Western bar, the Sandhills Saloon is facing tough economic times. In order to save it, the owner (Bobby) has arranged to be part of a new TV talent show contest. Country singers will be in regional play-offs at his bar, and all the singing will be broadcast on live TV. Three female country singers – has-been Kelly Connors, ambitious Danielle Ducharm and illiterate Linda McGee – form a group called “Daddy’s Girls” to compete, but after the hint of some contest rigging (thus the Cheatin’ Hearts) and the mandatory love story, they become solo acts. Several good numbers written by composer David Smyth get everyone’s toes tapping and move the action along.

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Band Members

Role Played By Instrument Played By
Bobby Richard Laxton Lead guitar Cameron Johnson
Danielle Valerie Jorgensen Rhythm guitar Tom Duxbury
Hoss David King Bass guitar Derrick Wigney
Stan Ian Glen Drums Tyler Stevenson
Linda Lisa Kopil Keyboard Ian Glen
Kelly Elaine Young
Camera person Fiona Colquhoun