Fall 2008 – Don’t Hug Me


Don’t Hug Me

by Phil Olson
Music by Paul Olson
Directed by Martin Weeden

It’s the middle of winter in Bunyan County Minnesota. It is so cold that no one is coming out to the bar/restaurant that is owned by Gunner and Clara.
Gunner wants to retire and move to Florida but Clara (a former Bunyan County Snow Queen) doesn’t want to go. If business would improve maybe Gunner could be convinced to stay. Along comes Aarvid, a karaoke salesman, and the fun begins. There is Bernice, the waitress (who wants stardom) and her egotistic fiancé Kanute to fill out the cast.

Clara Johnson, played by Wendy Sauve — Gunner’s wife, strong willed co-owner of the bar called the “Bunyan”, who’s been married to Gunner for a long time.

Gunner, played by Lee Powell— Clara’s husband. Strong willed, co-owner of the “Bunyan”. A north woods Archie Bunker.

Bernice Lundstrom, Played by Kristen Carroll Somoza— pretty but dreamy waitress at the “Bunyan”.

Aarvid Gisselsen, played by Bruce Buie— slick, fast talking Karaoke salesman. A north woods “Music Man”.

Kanute Gunderson, played by Kevin Rees— oblivious, full of himself, business owner and fiancé to Bernice.

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The Songs of “Don’t Hug Me”



“Icehouse Blues” by Wendy Sauve and Kirsten Carroll Samoza




“Upside Down in a Pickup Truck” by Lee Powell


“I’m a Walleye Woman in a Crappie Town” by Wendy Sauve and Kirsten Carroll Samoza


“Y Chromosome” by Lee Powell and Bruce Buie


“Shopping Spree” by Kirsten Carroll Samoza