Fall 2009 – Larceny and Old Lace


Larceny and Old Lace

by Van Vandagriff
Directed by Simon Wellman

Harold Peabody’s sweet aunts, Millie and Gertie, are gambling in Las Vegas while Harold stays at their home to watch over his eccentric Uncle Charlie, who thinks he is a pirate. When Harold hears a bank has been robbed and finds a bag of money in the house, he declares that Charlie has buried his last treasure and decides he must go to a home for senior citizens. But Aunt Millie and Aunt Gertie can’t imagine doing such a thing. After all, Charlie had nothing to do with the bag of money. How do they know? They stole it from a casino! They casually admit it was their thirteenth holdup of a gambling establishment, pleasantly reminiscing about their previous exploits. When Harold’s jailbird cousin Mordred shows up with his own bundle of money and the FBI hot on his heels, the pandemonium multiplies. Join the madness as Harold attempts to keep his aunts out of jail, Mordred from killing them all, his fiancée from walking out on him and himself from going insane!


Role Description Played by
Harold Good-hearted, unsuspecting nephew Ronald Gardner
Charlie Harold’s wacky, swashbuckling uncle Ian Glen
Gertie Harold’s sweet but larcenous aunt Judith Waddell
Millie Another just-as-sweet but just-as-larcenous aunt Karen Boese
Mordred Harold’s sinister, black-hearted thieving cousin Mike Brown
Lester Mordred’s reluctant sidekick Stanley Bernard
Officer McNealy Friendly beat cop who can’t cover for Charlie’s crazy antics anymore Bob DuPuis
Officer Larson A new cop on the beat Amanda Sauve
Agent Klick An FBI agent hot on Mordred’s trail Bruce Buie.
Agent Klack Klick’s fellow agent Brian Thompson
Gloria Harold’s unwitting fiancée Jodi Leduc
Dr. Shortanoar Proprietor of the local insane asylum Susan Henderson
Nurse Widget Hard-hosed nurse – does Shortanoar’s dirty work Diane Brown
Judge Taylor Takes care of the legal matters of commitment Rheo Brunet
Taxi Driver Doesn’t mind waiting, but this is ridiculous Charlene Gardner
Dr. Pretorious Signs papers to prove that Charlie’s crazy Steve Duffield