Fall 2011 – A Little Piece of Heaven

by Matthew Carlin
Directed by Simon Wellman

lpoh-posterHave you ever lost anything that meant a great deal to you? Something that if you could ever find it again would make a huge difference in your life? If you have, then “A Little Piece of Heaven” is the shop for you.
The owners of this curiosity shop, where people find things they’ve lost, are known only as Elizabeth and Henry – there’s something unusual about these two, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.
One day into “A Little Piece of Heaven” comes Michael, a biker, who is definitely looking for something. Michael goes to work for Henry and Elizabeth and meets Lily, an 87 year-old woman who has been coming around to the shop for years searching for something.
Lily is a strong-minded woman who does not hesitate to say what she’s thinking and she and Michael seem to disagree about everything. Soon, however, their relationship grows from suspicion to trust to everlasting respect.
Funny and poignant, A Little Piece of Heaven might just be what you’re looking for.

Henry Ian Glen Owner of the “A Little Piece of Heaven”
Elizabeth Carol Bode Co-owner of the shop and Henry’s wife
Judith Jenn McMillan The town’s mailperson
Jared Havens Grey Masson Long-time friend of Henry’s
Glory Havens Anna-Lisa Bloom Jared’s wife
Michael Cain David Hamilton A biker – Harley and all
Frank Thomas Ron Gardner A customer in the store
Janet Thomas Sandy Rees Frank’s wife
Girl Isabelle Callahan Frank and Janet’s daughter
Boy Morgan O’Dell Frank and Janet’s son
Lily Adair Ruth Knapp A regular visitor to the store
Woman Sasha Pellerin-Gardner A customer in the store
Herb Stan Bernard Jared’s elderly father
Deb Janet Ramsahoye Jared’s elderly mother
Sam Ric O’Dell Judith’s boyfriend
Lily St. John Sasha Pellerin-Gardner Lily Adair’s granddaughter
Position Lead Alternate/Assistant
Director Simon Wellman Wendy Sauve
Producer Ron Gardner Susan Henderson
Stage Manager Robert Thompson Carol Mair, Donna Balkan
Costumes Carolyn Walsh Valerie Taller
Dressers Catherine Ginsberg
Properties Marlayne Glen Penny Potter
Lighting Roy Ballantine
Sound Martin Weeden Matt Dufresne
Continuity/Prompting Carol Mair
Front-of-House Manager Susan Henderson Lee Powell, Many more ….
Set Design Claudette Brisson
Set Construction Bruce Buie Stephen Duffield
Set Decoration Claudette Brisson
Green Room supplies Charlene Gardner
Make-up Barb O’Dell
Poster Design Crystal Payne
Program Marion Pogson