Fall 2013 – Let’s Murder Marsha

Let’s Murder Marsha

by Monk Ferris

lmm_marshaA happy housewife named Marsha, hopelessly addicted to reading murder mysteries overhears her loving husband discussing her upcoming birthday surprise with an interior decorator. To her ears, though, it sounds like they are planning to murder her! This is a terrific show for family audiences who like their comedy broad and fast and nonstop.

The Gilmores, Tobias and Marsha,  are a well-to-do couple living in a posh Manhattan apartment. All is well in their lives until a misunderstanding about a birthday present, and a surprise visit by the mysterious and beautiful Persis Devore, turns their world topsy turvy. Adding to the confusion are the Gilmores’ maid, Bianca, and their hapless neighbour Virgil. And when they are joined by Marsha’s mother Lynette and Bianca’s policeman boyfriend, the mayhem escalates to a fever pitch.

Don’t miss this hilarious farce put on by the good folks at The Rural Root Theatre Company!

The show will run on October 16th to 19th, with start times at 7:30 PM. There will also be matinee on Saturday, October 19th at 1:00 PM. All shows will be held at the Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Centre located at 262 Len Purcell Dr. in Constance Bay.

The box office will be opening on September 7th, and tickets will be on sale for $15 for the Friday and Saturday night shows, and $12 for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday matinee shows. Tickets will be selling fast, so remember to book your seats early.

This show is presented by The Rural Root Theatre company in conjunction with Samuel French publishing.


Production Team

Director: Sasha Gardner
Producer: Ron Gardner
Stage Manager: Amanda Sauvé
Assistant Director: Tara Kroeger
Tobias Gilmore, a Wall Street broker Ivo Mokros
Marsha Gilmore, Tobias’ wife and mystery novel addict Jenn McMillan
Virgil Baxter, a friend and neighbour of the Gilmores Paul Leduc
Persis Devore, a lady with a secret Nicole D’Entremont
Bianca, the Gilmores’ maid Kellie Shrimpton
Lynette Thoren, Marsha’s mother Barb O’Dell
Ben Quade, Cop and Bianca’s boyfriend Ric O’Dell