Summer 2017 – Murder at Cafe Noir

By David Landau
Music & Lyrics by Nikki Stern

Directed by Greg Geisler



Rural Root and Lakeside Players present:

Dinner and a murder.

Rick Archer, P.I., is out to find a curvaceous runaway on the forgotten Caribbean island of Mustique in the Grenadines, a place stuck in a black-and-white era. The owner of the Cafe Noir has washed ashore, murdered, and Rick’s quarry was the last person seen with him. Rick employs his hard-boiled talents to find the killer. Was it the French madame and club manager, the voodoo priestess, the shyster British attorney, the black marketeer, or the femme fatale? Can you solve the mystery? Fabulous prizes if you can!

Meet the Characters

RICK ARCHER – a private eye who’s always wanted to be Bogart or Mitchum in one of those 40s film noir movies, and has not gotten his chance.

MADAM TOREAU – a lady who’s seen it all while managing the Cafe Noir – where everything is for sale.

SHEILA WONDERLY – her real name is Sheilda Schickelmeier. Once a spoiled rich girl, she took a job at Cafe Noir and learned about life the hardest way of all, becoming hardened in the process.

ANTHONY CAIRO – a dealer in the black market working Cafe Noir to avoid the St. Vincent police. He has two scars, one on either side of his face.

MARIE LARUE – the Creole illegitimate daughter of a Voodoo priestess and a St. Vincent’s political figure. She sells spells and fortunes at Cafe Noir.

SIMONE GUTTERMAN – a British barrister who lost her standing when she became implicated in a scandal of having affairs with wealthy clients. She now caters to the clientele of Cafe Noir. Simone is always looking for a quick way to make it to the top.

THURSBY – a two bit gun runner.
VANGILDER – a Dutch blackmailer.
RIGFIELD – a British cop from St. Vincent.

3 Course Menu

Meals provided by Scrumptious Creative Catering. You are in for a treat!

Course 1: Salad

“Café Noir” Waldorf Salad
Classic Waldorf Salad presented on a Bed of Spring Greens

Course 2: Main Course

Chicken to “Die For”
Roasted Red Pepper Chicken with Asiago Cheese, White Wine
Tomato Marinara Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal
Vegetables with Fresh Herb Butter. Assorted Artisan Breads with Herbed Butter

Course 3: Dessert

“Hotsy Totsy” Espresso Mousse Martini with Donut Side Car

Gourmet Coffee and Tea Service
Serving fresh locally roasted coffee and gourmet tea

Course 1: Salad

“Café Noir” Waldorf Salad
Classic Waldorf Salad presented on a Bed of Spring Greens

Course 2: Main Course

“Baby Face” Vegetarian
Roasted Teriyaki Mushroom, Grilled Marinated Tofu, Broccolini, Cherry Tomoatos with Asian Noodles (V) (GF) (D)

Course 3: Dessert

“Hotsy Totsy” Espresso Mousse Martini with Donut Side Car

Gourmet Coffee and Tea Service
Serving fresh locally roasted coffee and gourmet tea

Venue and Logistics

The dinner will be hosted at the Carp Agricultural Hall located on the Carp Fairgrounds, where there is plenty of free parking adjacent to the building. The 3 course dinner will be provided by Scrumptious Creative Catering, and will be served between acts. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the characters while dinner is being served. The venue has a cash bar available and will be open for the duration of the dinner.

Evening shows start at 7:15, please arrive at 6:30 to get your table (and possibly find some clues). The Sunday matinee starts at 1:30, please arrive by 1:00.

The Carp Agricultural Hall is located next to the main entrance to the fairgrounds adjacent to Carp Rd. (across the street from Alice’s Village Cafe). Enter through the doors closest to the fairgrounds entrance, watch for signs as you enter. The agricultural hall is a banquet facility with all the standard amenities. Seating will be tables of 8, and all seats have a good view of the stage and other areas of the hall.

Get into the spirit of things, wear black and white clothing!


RICK ARCHER Played by Harold Swaffield

MADAME TOREAU Played by Julie Dustin

SHEILA WONDERLY Played by Liz Szucs

ANTHONY CAIRO Played by Ric O’Dell

MARIE LARUE Played by Cathy Dowsett

SIMONE GUTTERMAN Played by Charlene Gardner



Production Team

Director Greg Geisler

Producer for Rural Root Barb O’Dell

Producer for Lakeside Ann Empey

Stage Manager Mandy Sauvé


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As a reward, here is your first clue. A reprint of an article from the local newspaper:



Early this morning the cold blue corpse of Andre Gauvreau was spotted washed ashore on the north beach of Tobago Cay by twenty tourist with cameras on a boat tour from St. Vincent. Clad in a white Giorgio Armani suit with a bold pink Sergio Valente tie, the body of Mr. Gauvreau was originally mistaken by the tourist for the great albino turtle. After beating off three hungry albatrosses, Kingstown authorities retrieved the corpse and determined Mr. Gauvreau had died from two gun shot wounds. Andre Gauvreau, owner of the Islet Shipping Co., Grenadine Import/Exports and the Cafe Noir on Mustique, was a very powerful and often feared figure in the area, rumored to have been involved with smuggling, the black market and prostituion. He leaves behind no immediate family, though six women have filed claims against his estate for child support. The Cafe Noir will remain open tonight, drinks are half price.

© 2017 The Grenadine Islets Inquirer. Reprinted with permission.