Spring 2008 – An Evening with French and Foster

This was an evening that showcased two plays of well-known Canadian writers David French and Norm Foster. It was the first amateur production of Norm Foster’s brand new comedy “My Narrator”, whereas “Saltwater Moon”, by David French, is an award-winning, two-person play performed many times before.


by David French
Directed by Valerie Jorgensen

poster-ffSet during a single evening in 1926 under a full Newfoundland moon, “Saltwater Moon” traces a troubled reunion between a young Jacob Mercer and his sweetheart, Mary Snow.

The evening falls a year or more after the two shared a night of romance and, during the intervening time, Jacob has broken Mary’s heart by fleeing to Toronto to escape the pain of his father’s humiliation at the hands of a local merchant.

What has brought him home is the news that Mary has agreed to marry the son of the very merchant who humiliated Jacob’s father.

Slowly, through a mixture of charm, stubbornness and outright bullying, Jacob takes Mary back to where they were on that long-ago evening and, in the process, revisits many of the trials and tribulations that have shaped each of their short lives.

Amanda Sauve (Mary) is an Arts Canterbury High School graduate and has been involved with many theatre groups over the years, both on and offstage. Her last role with RRTC was stage manager for Cheatin’ Hearts.

Jason Leff (Jacob) is also a graduate of Canterbury (drama program) and has starred in several productions there.


by Norm Foster
Directed by Ian Glen

In this delightful romantic comedy, the “inner voices” of the two main characters, Lacy and Miles, take on a life of their own as “narrators” who advise and try to shape the actions of their subjects in order to further the romantic interest not only between Lacy and Miles, but also, ultimately, themselves.

Ian Glen (Director) has appeared in RRTC productions – Anne of Green Gables and Cheatin’ Hearts – but this time he tries his hand at directing.

Julia D’Angelo (Lacy) previously appeared as Rachel Lynde in “Anne of Green Gables” and is pleased to have the chance to expand her repertoire.

Alexander Singer (Miles) makes his acting debut in “My Narrator”.

Grey Masson (Bob) has acted many times in the past 11 years in Arnprior and Carleton Place. His acting so far is limited to comedies, or plays that he turns into comedies.

Diane Brown (Barb) is on stage for the first time in over 30 years.