Spring 2011 – All For Your Delight

afyd-PosterAll For Your Delight

Directed by Ivo Mokros
Musical director Matt Dufresne

This delightful musical play is set in a music hall (based on the music halls of London, England, but set in Canada) at the turn of the twentieth century. There were two hundred and fifty music halls in England at the time, and the leading performers included Harry Lauder, Dan Leno, Marie Lloyd and Vesta Tilley.

All For Your Delight is set in a fictional music hall on the outskirts of Ottawa at the turn of the 20th century. We see the various members of Hewlett’s music hall company — singers, solo and double comedy acts, mind-readers — performing their acts on stage as well as in their more private moments backstage. And then there is the interweaving melodramatic story involving Gentleman Jim, a debonair thief and master of disguise, the blackguard Lord Harleston and a riotous chorus of comic policemen!
Come and get immersed in the sights and sounds of early 1900’s entertainment!

Have a look at the director’s breakdown of the play in the Themes and Inspirations document!

Article Published in Local Papers:

Rural Root Theatre is working very hard these days, preparing “All for Your Delight” to be staged May 11-14th 2011 at the Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Centre. The play, a musical directed by Ivo Mokros, set at the turn of the 20th century, takes place in a Music Hall. These were very popular in many cities and towns all over Britain. The most integral part of a musical is the music, of course. So, since early January, a very talented group of local musicians has been learning all the tunes needed to accompany singers for this lively production.
The musical director, Matt Dufresne, studied music at the University of Western Ontario. He has reworked the original score (originally written for piano only) to include several instruments, resulting in a fuller, richer sound.


The band members include Jill Ross, a pianist and a graduate of The Royal Conservatory; Robert Thompson, a trombone player and a member of several local bands; Paul Klazek, a clarinet and saxophone player, a member of many local bands including The Ottawa Community Concert Band; Crystal Payne, a flute player and member of the Stittsville Concert Band; Carol Bode, a clarinet player and a member of The Valley Concert Band; David Hamilton, a bass player and a member of several bands, including The Trinity United House Band; and Bill Burton, a drummer and member of The Valley Concert Band.

The publicity director for Rural Root, Helen Weeden, is also very pleased to announce “The Break a Leg” event for opening night.
In true community style, Rural Root Theatre, along with the CBBCA, will be donating all proceeds from the May 11th opening night performance to the West Carleton X-ray Vision Campaign. All three organizations are expecting a large audience for this special opening night – a great show in support of a very worthwhile public facility.

George Bell/The Chairman Jim Clarke
Lord Randolph Harleston Ron Gardner
Lucy Lawson Jennifer Boucher
Rosie Oakes Valerie Taller
Lizzie Lockhart Donna Balkan
Annie Hughes Kirsten Carroll Somoza
Albert Stoppard Lee Powell
Violet Ramport Charlene Gardner
Primrose Ramport Laura Thompson
Gentleman Jim Ron Gardner
Mary Molloy Katherine Ross
Alex Mills Matt Dufresne
Basil Crowley Ivo Mokros
Other members of the company Additional small roles are played by cast and Band members.
Trombone Robert Thompson
Piano Jill Ross
Clarinet Paul Klazek
Flute Crystal Payne
Clarinet Carol Bode
Bass David Hamilton
Drums Bill Burton