Spring 2016 – The Affections of May


The Affections of May is a perennial favourite comedy by Norm Foster which was first performed in 1990 but the story still rings true.

Affections of May scene with Brian and May

“Foster knows just when to tickle the funny bone or pull on the heartstrings, and here he does both with equal skill.”

Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Affections of May scene with Hank in a bunny suit, and May as Little Bo Peep.

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May and her husband, Brian, have decided to move to the country for a quieter, less stressful life. To that end, they have purchased a bed and breakfast in a small resort town in Ontario. The trouble is, Brian doesn’t like the country life and has found himself another woman back in the city. He leaves and May is left alone in a small town, where everyone knows everyone’s affairs, to continue running the business.  Now a “single” woman, suitors soon appear at her door.

Quinn is a down on his luck handyman, looking to work for room and board after his trailer burns down. Hank is a banker and a bit of a loser, especially in love.  His only passions are collecting coffee mugs and playing Scrabble, but that all changes when he meets May.

Quinn and Hank are friends from High School, but otherwise they have very little in common.  As the story progresses, long buried secrets about the two men are revealed and their lives are changed. May is also a changed woman, and when Brian returns he is surprised to receive a rather unorthodox reception.

There are plenty of laughs in this heart warming story.

The Affections of May ran for 6 shows between May 10th and May 14th 2016 with several sold out show. Audiences were delighted with the script, acting and directing of this show. By special arrangement with Playwright’s Guild of Canada. Licensing information can be found here.

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The Affections of May Cast

Character Played By
May Tanja Puchala
Brian David Brennan
Quinn Peter  Veale
Hank Jason Matheson

The Affections of May Production Team

Director Helen Weeden
Producer Ian Glen
Stage Manager Charlene Gardner