Spring 2014 – Things My Mother Taught Me

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tmmtm_poster_300Olivia and Gabe are moving into their first apartment together. They’ve just packed up all of their belongings and driven halfway across the country, to start a new life together in Chicago. Their moving day doesn’t go exactly as planned, though, and things become slightly more complicated when all of their parents show up to help! Can a two bedroom apartment contain all of the love, laughs, worry and wisdom that’s about to happen? This brand new comedy from the author of Nana’s Naughty Knickers takes a generational look at relationships, and how sometimes parents are passing their best lessons on to their children without even meaning to. Funny and touching, this one will make you laugh out loud and fall in love all over again.


An empty apartment in Chicago. A young couple is just moving in. At the top of the play, a very large armchair is stuck in the front door. Time period is contemporary present day.


OLIVIA KEEGAN – ­ 27 ½ years old; energetic; neat; slightly OCD; an architect.
KAREN KEEGAN – late 50s; Olivia’s mother.
CARTER KEEGAN ­ – early 60s; Olivia’s father.
GABE LAWSON ­ – 28 years old; a writer; good-natured.
LYDIA LAWSON – 50s; Gabe’s mother.
WYATT LAWSON – 50s; Gabe’s father.
MAX MIROWSKI – late 60s; Polish accent; building super.


Olivia Keegan Lisa Maranta Lisa-Maranta
Gabe Lawson Greg Geisler  Greg-Geisler
Wyatt Lawson Ivo Mokros  Ivo-Mokros
Lydia Lawson Judy Puritt  Judy-Puritt
Carter Keegan Bruce Buie  Bruce-Buie
Karen Keegan Valerie Maier  Valerie-Maier
Max Mirowski Robert Dupuis  Bob-Dupuis
Director Jennifer Boucher Jennifer-Boucher
Producer Tara Kroeger  Tara-Kroeger
Stage Manager Amanda Sauvé  Amanda-Sauve
Assistant Director Kellie Shrimpton  Kellie-Shrimpton
Artistic Advisor Wendy Sauvé  Wendy-Sauve
Artistic Advisor Nicole d’Entremont  Nicole-dentremont