04 Mar 2015
March 4, 2015

Spring Newsletter


Incredibly we have survived a record-setting February and are finally moving into March, and theoretically the start of spring. And with that comes thisSpring Newsletter Spring Newsletter and preparations for our spring show, That Darn Plot by David Belke, directed by Ron Gardner. This show will mark our last in the current incarnation of the community centre, and we look forward to the grand opening of Project Sandhills (community centre expansion) and the renovation of the second floor. Rural Root has been hard at work collaborating with the Community Association to plan the renovations. We will be communicating more as plans solidify.

We are also starting the plans for hosting the Eastern Ontario Drama League 2017 one-act-play festival. This is an exciting opportunity for Rural Root to gain further exposure with other theatre companies and theatre enthusiasts from across Ontario. It is doubly exciting because 2017 is Canada’s 150 birthday, so all entries in the festival will be written by Canadian authors.  We look forward to a bit (ok… a lot) of Canadiana in Constance Bay.  If you want to get involved, read on!

Ivo Mokros, RRTC Board President

New Board Hard at Work

The new RRTC has already had two meetings to start 2015. We are hard at work on various projects, from preparing our new spring play (more below) to being involved in plans related to the Sandhills Project, as well as plans for the 2017 EODL Play Festival. Stay up-to-date via our newsletters, website, or Facebook page. Your board members are:

President Ivo Mokros
Secretary Lee Powell
Treasurer Elizabeth Sweetnam
Box Office Mandy Sauvé
Technical Martin Weeden
Artistic Director Kellie Shrimpton
Publicity Jenn McMillan
Membership/Training Judy Puritt
Director at Large Kathy Tasse


Rehearsals for Spring 2015 Play, That Darn Plot, Underway

The spring play, That Darn Plot! has been fully cast and rehearsals are well underway. We have an amazing cast, and an amazing director and stage manager. You just can’t go wrong!

We are rehearsing two times a week already. The actors are developing their characters, and what characters they are! There’s a new graduate of acting school, who is perhaps a little over zealous. There’s a veteran, who has done it all, and is not thrilled working with such a newbie. The director leaves us wondering how “well” she knew the playwright. The stage manager goes only by the book. And, of course, there’s the playwright himself, who is pretty much washed up and hasn’t done anything good in at least 6 years.

Hold on for more to come! But for now, mark the performance dates in your calendar to be sure you catch this hilarious play. The Box Office for That Darn Plot! will open April 1, with performances scheduled May 27-30. For more information, check out the show page.

Upcoming Play Readings

Would you like to help to select our next play?  For our Fall 2015 production, we will be looking to put on a family-friendly play and are hoping to attract new talent from young actors in our community. With so many plays to choose from, we’d appreciate your input! We will be holding play readings in March and April, with some dates below and more to follow. If you would like to participate or host a reading, please contact Kellie at plays@ruralroot.org Hope to see you there!

Play Readings in March

March 10th, 7 p.m.  Helen Weeden’s house, 3885 Carp Rd., “Without Strings”,

Your favorite puppet story gets a modern renovation, updated with lots of slapstick humor and clever wordplay to appeal especially to teens.  Carl, an angry and lonely teenager, has left home and seeks out work with the enigmatic Professor Pinecone and his marionette troupe.  Carl becomes Pinocchio in this play-within-a-play and encounters our familiar cast of characters along his travels.  The Blue Fairy, an underhanded fox and cat and a vivacious cricket help him navigate his way through life’s grand decisions.  Struggling along the way, he ultimately makes good by saving Geppetto from impending doom.  Audiences of all ages will enjoy the smart dialogue and surprise ending to this hip and hilarious version of the traditional tale.


March 24th, 7 p.m. Kellie Shrimpton’s house, 127 Shirreff St. Fitzroy Harbour, “The Further Adventures of Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective” 

Everyone’s favorite gumshoe is back with another thrilling adventure! Old Granny Possum is entertaining us with her slightly irregular version of “Snow White and Just the Two Very Tall Dwarves” when she’s kidnapped by Bluebeard and his band of scurvy pirates! Thank goodness Nick Tickle has been hired to get her back. Can he outwit the kidnappers and save her or is she gone for good? He’ll need any help he can get with this tough case – fortunately, Puss In Boots is ready to lend a paw and some lucky audience member will get the chance to help Nick question the pirates. Will Rumplestiltskin and Mrs. Stiltskin be of any help and if so, will Nick have to give them a baby? Why has the Fairy Godmother turned Cinderella into a cow? Can the evil Queen Cupcake convince the Magic Mirror that rapping is not an acceptable form of delivering royal proclamations? We can only hope.

Workshop Planned for May

Keep your eyes open for details concerning a spring workshop to be held sometime in May. The workshop will provide tips on how to perform in a play – everything from auditioning to working with a director and fellow crew members. All ages are welcome.

EODL One Act Play Festival

RRTC is pleased to be hosting the EODL (Eastern Ontario Drama League) One Act Play Festival in November 2017. This is a great opportunity to showcase RRTC and the Constance Bay community.

The EODL Festival will also be part of the celebrations for Canada’s 150th birthday.

Although a couple of years away we are looking to establish sub-committee chairs for the organizing committee. Many hands make small work and an early start can help make this a great production.

If you are interested in participating on this committee you will find a list of sub-committee chair persons required (complete with a short description of associated duties) below, as well as on the RRTC website or contact the Chair, Lee Powell at festival@ruralroot.org.

Look forward to hearing from you.

RRTC One Act Festival Committee

Positions available:

  1. Vice Chair – to replace Chair if necessary; to assist with the work of sub-committees
  2. Secretary – to take minutes of meetings; to maintain records of minutes; to distribute minutes and notices to the committee
  3. Treasurer – to create a budget for the festival;  to maintain the accounts for the festival
  4. Accommodation – to establish local accommodation opportunities; to obtain rates for accommodations
  5. Luncheon/Brunch – to plan the awards luncheon/brunch
  6. Awards – to coordinate the receiving and presentation of the awards
  7. Box Office- to coordinate ticket sales
  8. Green Room – to coordinate the food for and the use of the green room
  9. Front of House – to coordinate the front of house during the festival
  10. Publicity – to coordinate publicity for the festival
  11. Stage Manager – to coordinate the technical requirements for the visiting theatre companies
  12. Program – to collect material and print the festival program
  13. Adjudicator – to coordinate accommodation and activities of the adjudicator
  14. Hospitality – to coordinate hospitality for VIPs and coordinate social functions

Feedback or ideas?

Send us a note at bod@ruralroot.org. We’d love to hear from you.