Acting Workshop

Acting Workshop

Acting Fundamentals

When we watch an actor’s performance we are observing the meshing and balancing of multiple skills. These include acting, stagecraft/screen-craft, lighting design, sound design, costumes, set design and artistic direction; with each of these being supported by a multitude of other skills and techniques.

While all of these are important to ensure a performance, none is as fundamental as acting. This class will focus on base skills that actors bring to their work; specifically active listening & responding truthfully. These skills will be explored and expanded through open dialogue and exercises. The first day will be dedicated to discussion on the crux of the actors work with introductions to different acting methods and their purposes as well as short exercises. Students will be asked to learn lines for a short scene to be worked on during the second day. This is not a performance class; there is no intention to try to “solve” the scenes being worked on. It is focused on the skills that support performance.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is “Acting”
  • Acting Notes. What they are and how to take them
  • What is the difference between acting and performing
  • What it means to “listen” when acting
  • Brief introduction to the methods of Stanislavski and the branch off teachings of Strasburg and Meisner
  • Off-book is a lie, and why that’s not only okay but vital
  • The “Gist” Exercise
  • Scene work

About Your Instructor:

Dan DeMarbre

Dan DeMarbre is an Ottawa based stage, film and television actor who has been working professionally for the last 7 years. He has trained extensively in many different studios around North America each offering different takes on established methods as well as techniques outside the “method” structures.





Acting Workshop June 1 and 2, 2019

Class starts at 10am and runs until 4pm (both days) at the Northwinds Wireless Fibe Centre in Constance Bay (directions).

Whether you are an aspiring actor or would just like to pick up a few new pointers, there is something for everyone! Ages 7 to 99. Cost is $10 per person for Rural Root members, or $20 for non members.

Please bring your own lunch and wear comfortable clothing.

We hope to see you there!