Our Logo

rrtc-square-250The logo uses theatrical masks to directly identify Rural Root as a theatrical company. While the concept may be commonly integrated into theatre logos around the world, there is value in clearly distinguishing Rural Root as a theatre company – as well as tipping its hat to the original Rural Root identity.

The design is simple, aesthetic and timeless, and uses positive/negative space to create a harmonious appearance, as well as to cast focus onto the more appropriate laughing mask.

Ultimately, competition from other theatre companies is far less of a consideration than clearly identifying Rural Root in its immediate environment as an aspiring, progressive, and professional theatre company. A beautifully-designed, geometric typeface complements the design through its relationship to the outline of the graphic, while increasing its contemporary feel. Contrast in size of the two masks – in tandem with the inverting of positive/negative space – increases dynamism and adds dimension. Overall, the result is an attractive, memorable, legible, and professional design. It will be easily distinguishable in any reasonable application, and will heighten both the perception and recognition of RRTC.