Spring 2012 – The Curious Savage


The Curious Savage

by John Patrick
Directed by Roy Ballantine
Produced by Carolyn Walsh

Mrs. Savage has been left a large amount of money by her late husband and she wants to make the best use of it in spite of the efforts of her ‘grown-up’ stepchildren who want the money for their own purposes. Unable to get their hands on her money, the stepchildren committ Mrs. Savage to a sanatorium hoping to ‘bring her to her senses’.

As the play opens, we meet a group of the sanatorium residents who are social misfits – men and women who are unable to adjust to life outside. Into this small world, arrives a reluctant Ethel P. Savage, a woman who soon realizes she can find happiness with these residents and makes plans to stay.
At the last, Mrs. Savage and her new friends conspire to get rid of her greedy, self-serving stepchildren.
The dominant mood is of high comedy, highlighting the virtues of kindness and affection which have not been entirely lost in a world that seems, at times, to be motivated by only greed and dishonesty.

The Residents

Florence Carol Bode
Hannibal Brandon Smith
Fairy May Jen McMillan
Jeffrey Matt Dufresne
Mrs. Paddy Wendy Sauve


The Family

Titus Ivo Mokros
Samuel Diane Brown
Lily Belle Julia d’Angelo
Ethel Ruth Knapp


The Staff

Miss Wilhelmina Charlene Gardner
Dr. Emmett Mike Brown
Position Lead Alternate/Assistant
Director Roy Ballantine Sasha Pellerin-Gardner
Producer Carolyn Walsh Mike Brown
Stage Manager Ron Gardner Carol Mair, Sandy Rees
Costumes Pat Weir Susan Morency, Lois Thompson
Properties Marlayne Glen Penny Potter
Lighting Ian Glen
Sound Martin Weeden
Continuity/Prompting Our ASMs
Front-of-House Manager Donna Balkan Bob Thompson, Jodi Leduc, Lee Powell, Bruce Buie, Simon Wellman
Set Design Carolyn Walsh
Set Construction Simon Wellman Bruce Buie, Gary Walsh, Steve Duffield, Ron Gardner, Ian Glen
Set Painting Carolyn Walsh Helen Weeden
Set Furnishing Carolyn Walsh Helen Weeden, Claudette Brisson
Green Room supplies Carolyn Walsh Helen Weeden
Make-up Pauline Weir Victoria Morency, Bethany Weir, Sarah Roemmele
Poster Design Crystal Payne
Program Design Marion Pogson
Cast Headshots Danielle Walsh
Marquee Helen Weeden
Program Printing Jen MacMillan
Box Office Claudette Brisson