Spring 2015 – That Darn Plot!

tdp-man-typewriterby David Belke
directed by Ron Gardner

Winner of the 2000 Samuel French Canadian Playwriting Contest.

Mark W. Transom, one of the world’s greatest playwrights, is at the end of his rope. In order to fulfill his contract to artistic director and old friend Jo Harber, he has to create a play in one night or lose everything.
Half asleep and half drunk, Transom starts putting theatrical personalities he knows into a simple comedy about putting on a play. As the characters come to life before his eyes the play seems to be progressing well until, unbidden and without warning, Transom’s son Lloyd appears as a character and the play takes on a life of its own.
As the playwright struggles to maintain the upper hand, the out of control writing process brings him closer and closer to the heart of his estrangement with his son. Hilarious and heartfelt, That Darn Plot is a comedy about playwriting, rehearsals, rewriting and rehabilitating reality as well as a sympathetic look at a creative writer who is unable to connect with the people around him, including his only child.

That Darn Plot was originally produced by Shadow Theatre at the 1998 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival directed by James DeFelice.

Role Description Played By
Mark W. Transom The Playwright, author of “The Cardboard Box”

Ivo Mokros

Geoffrey Regeant Actor playing Martin, the father in “The Cardboard Box”
Lee Powell

Lee Powell

Ivy Schreiver The stage manager
Lisa Maranta

Lisa Maranta

Jo Harber Artistic director of The Harvest Theatre, director of “The Cardboard Box”
Tracy Facchin

Tracy Facchin

Lloyd Transom Son of Mark W. Transom and representative of his estate. An electrical engineer
Peter Veale

Peter Veale

Russell Croft Actor playing Lorne, the son in “The Cardboard Box”
Rural Root Theatre is pleased to announce that the management team has now been assembled. The roles are:

Director: Ron Gardner
Producer: Barb O’Dell and Helen Weeden
Stage Manager: Sasha Gardner

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